Amusing Antics & Helpful Advice

No matter how dedicated, or how hard you try, the simple truth is, if you rescue animals, you simply can not do it alone. On this section of our website, we are providing links to some of those who have and are helping us to care for our fur-kids, and will include details of vets, other charities, and organisations who help support us, and we support in return, so if you are looking to spread the good karma a bit further, please check out some of these other wonderful people!


Wern Veterinary surgeons – This wonderful vet has branches in Ruthin, Denbigh, Bala, Abergele, Llanrwst and Holywell, North Wales, and without their support we couldn’t do what we do, many a time have the lovely staff at Llanrwst been called at all hours to help us with an emergency.

facebok-icon-large Birch Heath Exotics – recognised as one of the best equipped surgeries in the country for treating raptors, parrots, cage & aviary birds, waterfowl, reptiles, rabbits, tortoises, exotic small mammals, zoo and wildlife, these lovely people deal with the animals of Chester Zoo to name a few, and have on occasion literally been lifesavers to our tribe. Without their specialist care, at least two of our degu’s would have been gone before their time.


twitter-icon-large facebok-icon-large Support adoption for pets – Every year, thousands of pets end up homeless through no fault of their own. Thanks to the tireless work of animal rescue and re-homing centres across the UK, many of these animals are given a new life in the loving home they deserve. Many of our guys have come to us via this charity.

Other worthy organisations:

facebok-icon-large Chuffnut Cavies – Although the other side of the world from us, this wonderful organisation is run by the hugely knowledgeable Lynlee, and what she doesn’t know about guinea pigs, probably isn’t worth knowing at all – she is a guardian angel to literally hundreds of piggies, financing the rescues from her own pocket and kind donations (just like us), she is our “go-to-gal” if we need piggie advice out of hours and is a very worthy cause.

facebok-icon-large Disabled Rabbits – American based site with a wealth of information on the care of disabled rabbits – if not for their site, I may not have been able to save Rocky, our tri-paw rabbit.