Amusing Antics & Helpful Advice

Although we are not running this site to ask for people to support us financially, we have been asked by some that follow our work how they could  help support our cause.

We do our best to cover the various costs of the animals ourselves, we didn’t start doing this as a way to make money, or to look for outside financial support, but over the years we have been rescuing these animals, people who’s lives we have touched either by taking in animals that they feel they can no longer care for, or who have benefitted from our help and advice, or simply those who have met and fallen in love with our crew, have repeatedly asked if there is anything they could do to help.

So we started to look at the various options available and have set up a range of ways people can support us if they choose to. These include our various fundraising campaigns, which currently are our “go fund me” drive or via a direct donation via paypal, or if you prefer you can telephone our vets – Wern Vets in Llanrwst on 01492 640255 during business hours and ask to pay a small amount off Nikki Mitchell’s vet bill (the account is in my name) – whichever method used, all the monies raised are used to support the animals in our care, be that with food, bedding, medication or vet care when needed.

We have also got  a “wish-list”  on Amazon that we try to keep updated, that people can shop off of to buy specific items for our furries that will be despatched to us directly. We also now sell merchandise via our facebook page to help fundraise, this includes mugs, jewelry, clothing and gifts.