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At “Paws 4 Thought” our family is constantly changing, sometimes we lose one our our beloved fur-kids to the Rainbow Bridge, sometimes it is another sad story that needs somewhere to be loved and understood as the individual they are, but none of them are ever forgotten, no matter if they are physically with us or not. In this section of the website, you will get to “meet” them all, past and present.

All of them are rescues of one form or another and have come from a variety of sources, including “owner-surrendered”, to adoption centres, to coming to us via the vets or other charities, sometimes even rescued by people who have found them in their garden or shed and then passed them on to us for further care – the one thing that they have in common, is that we know little or nothing about their backgrounds other then that they need a loving home that will endeavor to understand them for the rest of their days.

To meet those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, please check our “previous residents” page.

To meet the current gang, just scroll down :-

I know that most people like to put a “face to the name” so here are some pictures of my terrible tribe *fond grin* and like any “proud mother” I am happy to oblige so here you will find pictures of the animals, with a little bit about them so you can identify the faces with the stories that you will find on our “Musings from the menagerie” blog in future :) Enjoy.


Izzy1 This is Izzy, Queen of the roost (at least if you ask her) – she is the one I have had longest, and for the full story of how we met, check out our “one down, eight to go” post on the blog. Don’t let looks deceive you, she is a real madam, though you may never believe it, and she knows exactly how to get her own way and frequently does! There will be more of her stories on the blog to show this over time :)